WiMatch FAQ

What is WiMatch? 

WiMatch is the first Caribbean social app that is focused on uniting Caribbean people and those curious about our culture. The app allows members to match and make connections based on interest, post pictures, videos, statuses and link up with other members nearby. 

Our app is designed exclusively for Caribbean people as well as those who may be curious about Caribbean people and our culture. 

How do I get WiMatch? 

It’s simple! Just download the app on your app store and register or login using Facebook or email. You must agree to our terms and conditions, setup a profile and begin making connections.


Is WiMatch Free? 

Yes, Wi Match is free for all members! Members have a choice to upgrade to premium packages General, VIP or VVIP. 

To subscribe, tap the profile icon on the top left‐hand corner of the main screen to your profile then upgrade. 

What is the minimum age requirement? 

As of January, 1 2018, the minimum age requirement for Wi Match is 17+ years old, by creating an account and using the services you represent and warrant that you can form a binding contract. 

Matching Feature

Get matched with members with the same interest and preferences. The app uses information provided by its members to gauge potential matches and interest, such as their meet up preferences and interest. The app takes into consideration proximity to other locals. 

How does Matching work? 

Swipe right to make a connection with members or left if you’re uninterested. Swiping right on someone’s profile will send them a notification that someone may be interested in linking up. 

If both members swipe right then “It’s Rel Vibes”, both members will see each other in the it’s Vibes section of Wi Match and can connect. 

Members with an upgraded package can use other features such as: 

• Sending “Rel Vibes” to any user and instantly be seen by them! If received rel vibes. instantly send back Rel Vibes to the user by clicking on the star.

• See members that said YES to your profile and may want to link up! 

What if I don’t want to be matched? 

Adjust your meet up preferences in your profile. Select not looking for a potential relationship and your profile will not be displayed in Wi Match. 

How do I set or change my Match preferences? 

To adjust your match preferences on Wi Match, you can edit your meet up and interested in meeting up with preferences via your profile info. Tap the profile icon at the top of the main screen > scroll to >meet up preferences>interested in meeting up with 


View your direct messages from users. 

How do I delete messages? 

Simply delete the message by sliding left. Messages will be deleted on both ends. 

How do I know if my message was read? 

Unread messages will remain as "sent". Once read it will change to "seen" .

Deleting your account 

How do I delete my account? 

For security purposes, if you want to delete your account, you’ll need to do it directly on the app. Please note that you'll permanently lose your matches, messages and other information associated with your account. 

1. If you deleted the app, download the app again 

2. Tap the profile icon at the top of the main screen 

3. Go to Settings 

4. Scroll down and select Delete Account. You’ll see a message that says "Account successfully deleted.” 

Bear in mind, if you log in to Wi Match again after deleting your account, a new account will be created. 


How does this work? 

Post pictures, videos, comments and message other members what's on your mind. 

Please see "Posts" rules for appropriate posts

How do I edit my post? 

Use the down arrow on the right of your post to edit and repost. 

How can I see all my posts? 

Go to your profile and click on post, all your current posts will be displayed. 

Blocking a Member 

How do I block a member? 

Go to the member’s profile and click on block on the top right of the profile. Members will be unable to see your profile, message or view your posts but still see you in the group chat. 

Member will still be able to interact with you in the chatroom 

How do I unblock a member? 

Go to Settings Scroll down and select blocked Users, select unblock on the top right of member profile. 


What is Invisibility feature? 

This is a paid feature, when you purchase a package. It allows you to view profiles secretly with all members in the app. 

How do I turn Invisibility on? 

Go to Settings >General and switch profile visibility off. 

Posts Guidelines

"Post" is an app feature where people share real thoughts, photos, videos and feelings. We believe happiness starts when you get to be your real self without being judged.

To keep Posts community safe, we enforce our Golden Rule:

“Don't be Mean, Gross, or Use  Posts to Break the Law.”

Don’t Be Mean.

Bullying is not allowed on Post section. Don’t defame, impersonate, or abuse another person. Don’t share personal information about another person, including addresses or phone numbers. Hate speech targeted towards any group of people will be removed from our services. This includes hateful speech on the basis of gender, sexuality, race, religion and ethnicity.

Don’t Be Gross. 

You can use your own pictures on Posts but we don’t allow posts that are gross, gory or pornographic or outta timing.

Don’t Use Posts to Break the Law. 

Please don’t post pictures you don’t have the rights to. If you are not sure, don’t post it. Don’t post nude or intimate pictures. Do not use Posts to engage in or promote illegal behavior such as selling controlled substances or solicitation. If you solicit users for any reason or post sexually explicit pictures of users, we will suspend your account and report you to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Do not make threats of violence, we may share your IP address, location, and other information with law enforcement if we think you have made a threat to the safety of others. We can be required by law to disclose your information if we receive a subpoena, court order, or search warrant.

We actively moderate the service and ban users who violate these rules. We reserve the right to suspend accounts or remove content for violating these guidelines or for any reason, but particularly to protect our users and community. We treat references to self-harm and eating disorders seriously. Any posts glorifying these issues will be deleted. 

Thanks for using Posts and being a part of our Community