Mobile FAQ

WiMatch's iPhone App


What is the WiMatch iPhone application and why should I use it?

The WiMatch iPhone application gives you access to many WiMatch features on your iPhone. now has a mobile app for iPhone users. With the iPhone app, you can access many of the app’s features on your phone. You can upload an image, edit your profile, search for users, and read and reply to messages. You can also view your matches, and the users who have viewed your profile. Our exclusive “Mobile Users” feature gives you access to Caribbean people near you who are also using our app.

How do I start using the WiMatch iPhone app?

You need an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (with software version 3.0 or later). You will also need network access through your carrier, or Wi-Fi Internet access.

How do I download the application?

The iPhone application is available from iTunes.

Click here to download the WiMatch iPhone app!

How much does it cost to use the WiMatch iPhone application?

The app is 100% free to download and use.

In which languages is the iPhone app available for download?

The app is only available in English right now.

I’m not in the United States or Canada, can I still use the application?

Yes! The app is available internationally.

I installed the application on my iPhone. How do I log in and use the application?

If you have previously registered with WiMatch, use your existing username and password to log in to the application.

If you are new to WiMatch, simply launch the app and click "Register" on the main page, or sign in using Facebook or Instagram. It only takes a few moments to create an account and get started!

How can I upload a photo on the app?

You can upload a photo with the WiMatch app by following these instructions:

· Log in to the app

· Tap "Camera Icon"

· Tap "Upload Image" and follow the instructions.

Can I edit my profile on the app?

Yes! To edit your profile:

· Log in to the app

· Go to Profile by tapping “Top Left” image icon

· Tap "Edit Profile"

· Make the desired changes, then click "Update Profile" or "Save".

How does the search work?

The search feature uses your iPhone’s GPS or zip/postal code to determine your location. The GPS must be enabled for this feature to work. If your GPS isn't enabled, we will determine your location by using the zip or postal code you provided when you signed up.

Note: your exact position will never be revealed to other WiMatch users. The feature uses your location to deliver matches in your immediate vicinity. Please review the terms of WiMatch’s privacy policy: (

How do I turn push notifications on and off?

The WiMatch iPhone app will send you notifications when you have a new message. To turn these notifications on or off, follow these instructions:

· On your iPhone (not in the app) go to SETTINGS.


· In the list of apps, select WIMATCH.

· There, turn the "Alerts" on or off.

How do I turn GPS on and off in the app?

The WIMATCH iPhone app offers you the option to use your current location instead of your zip or postal code. To turn this feature on or off, follow these instructions:

· On your iPhone (not in the app) go to SETTINGS.


· In the list of apps, select WiMatch.

· There, turn location services to on or off.

How do I log out of the app?

To log out of the app, simply go to “Settings” and tap "Logout".

I need more help using the app. What should I do?

If you have other questions about our app, please check our help section:


I’m having trouble with the iPhone app. What should I do?

Please make sure that you have the most up-to-date version of the application.